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Mr. Alhassan Yakubu (HOD)

Is a professional teacher and a researcher who is interested in issues of theories and methodology of teaching. My hobby include reading books to widen my knowledge on different subject areas, engaging in an intellectual debate on current issues and listening to such discussions, doing comparative studies of different  religious books and having discussions on them and delivering public lectures on various topics as mentioned above

His Research interest and publications is in the areas of:

Discourse analysis

Myth and mythology

Literature and culture

African literature, colonial and post colonial theories

World’s literature

Children literature and early childhood studies

Courses that He teaches include:

                    ü  Communication Skills

ü  General English-Content (grammar, essay,

ü  phonetics and phonology

ü  English Methodology

ü  Literature

ü  African Studies

ü  Pragmatics and discourse analysis

ü  Semantics

ü  Morphology

ü  Language and literacy


          PhD candidate, English

Master of Arts, English (Research)

          B.Ed English

          Certificate ‘A’

Postal Address

E.P. College of Education, Box 16, Bimbilla

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Mr. Mohammed Abubakari Rashid (Tutor) 

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Mohammed Abubakari Rashid is a tutor with MPhil in Ghanaian Language Studies. He has interest in Linguistics, Oral Literature, Language Documentation, Dagbani Linguistics, Language Policy and Literacy in Education, Cultural Studies, Socio-Linguistics, Translation, Teaching and Counselling.